O’ Railey’s Cafe

December 7th, 2011

With so many wonderful places to dine in the area where we are, I didn’t know there existed a quaint little corner cafe (beside a burger place named Crave Burger) that would excite my taste buds: O’ Railey’s Cafe.

Their mocha latte is love! The latte art is so wonderful it seemed a waste to drink these but drink I did.

O' Railey's Cafe Mocha Latte

O' Cafe Railey's Mocha Latte

Cafe Mocha PhP95 (8oz) and PhP125 (16oz)

I love hot brewed coffee which I drink everyday during breakfast (or for a night cap) with my hubby so whenever I get the chance to have coffee in cafes, I go for those I do not drink at home like this cup. I love their mocha latte. The coffee aroma and the sweetness are perfect for my taste buds I wouldn’t mind getting a bigger cup of this creamy goodness.

We had three kinds of pasta: pesto, carbonara and bolognese.

O' Railey's Cafe Pasta Pesto

Seafood Pesto, PhP190, good for 2 persons.

Let me just say this pesto is something that my kids will love. Why? Because kids are not really fond of pesto but this one has the right amount of basil aroma that is not too overpowering. And the pasta when mixed with the pesto sauce doesn’t look too “green” which makes it more appetizing to eat. This is what I love the best among the three pasta dishes.

From a “certified and expert carbonara cook (ask my kids and hubby, LOL)” I got no photo of the carbonara but I must say this comes in second. The sauce was not too creamy and just enough to cover the pasta. There is a generous amount of ham bits which is what carbonara is all about, right?

O' Railey's Cafe Pasta Bolognese

Pasta Bolognese, PhP185, good for 2 persons.

I love tomato-based pasta sauces. Because this was the last pasta I ate, I felt there was something that seems to lack that I can’t seem to pinpoint. Wait, I think I am missing the more textured tomato bits that I am used to in my tomato-based pasta dishes. Or it must be that I liked the Seafood Pesto so much so that I got another serving (hah!) so this particular pasta was not in my taste radar at that time.

Now on to the milktea. I love their milk tea!

O' Railey's Hazelnut MilkTea

Hazelnut Milk Tea has the right amount of milk and tea combination where the tea is not overpowering and the milk not too much too. There are milk teas that seem to taste more like tea or more like milk and this one has a balanced taste of both tea and milk. The coffee jelly bits made it more exciting since I am not fond of tapioca pearls. I brought home this milk tea because I didn’t get to finish this. Guess what, my youngest daughter who is not fond of milk teas drank it

O' Railey's StrawberryMilktea

The Strawberry Milktea is like the Hazelnut Milktea which has a balanced taste of strawberry, tea and milk. Let me just clarify that I am not too fond of “artificial” strawberry smell even if I love fresh strawberries. This Strawberry Milktea did not have that overpowering sweet strawberry scent and in fact I love how it smelled and tasted.

I was extended an invitation to try the food at O’ Railey’s Cafe with fellow bloggers Beryll and Kat.


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O’ Railey’s Cafe, Where Good Things Start With a Cup of Coffee is on the Ground Floor Level of One Joroma Place along Congressional Avenue in Quezon City. This building used to house a famous cafe. In fact O’ Railey’s Cafe is in the corner where this famous cafe used to be.


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