Shrimps with Butter and Garlic

February 4th, 2011

Shrimps with Butter and Garlic

Do you love shrimps cooked with butter and lots of garlic? I do. I dip this in soy sauce with a little vinegar. Yum!

This is an easy to make recipe, just cook garlic in butter until it turns a bit brown. Then put shrimps in the butter-garlic combination until cooked. Serve immediately.

3 Responses to “Shrimps with Butter and Garlic”

  1. maiylah Says:

    yum…one of my fave! i add a bit of 7-up (just a bit) to make it slightly sweeter…been thinking of adding beer but haven’t done it yet. weird ba? hehehe… 😉

  2. admin Says:

    not weird, I’ve tried that from a resto, they cook shrimps with beer :)

  3. Jay-agent112778 Says:

    toyomansi at extra rice pls

    heres my Food Friday Entry

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