Slowcooked Mongo Beans

August 14th, 2016

Slowcooked Mongo Beans

I am not a fan of mongo beans as a child. I didn’t exactly like the texture of the beans even if cooked fine and tasting good. As a mom, I can not recall serving this dish at home except for a few times.

Last week made me get a small pack from the supermarket. It was the relentless rains and almost no more food in the freezer yesterday that prompted me to use the mongo seeds for today’s meal.

How to cook mongo?

First of all, soak the beans for several hours before cooking. This way, the beans absorb the water and make these easier to cook. 4-6 hours or overnight will do well.


* 1.5 cups of mongo beans soaked for 4-6 hours
* 3 cups of water
* ground black pepper (2-3 dashes)
* paprika (1-2 dashes)
* salt (about less a teaspoon)
* Oyster sauce (2T)

I mixed all these together in the slowcooker and turned it on HIGH for 3.5 hours. Then I turned it warm because by then, the beans were already cooked. The cooked mongo tasted salty for us because we are used to having cooked food with little salt. Next time, I will go easy on the salt.

Meanwhile, I sautéed about 250gms of pork together with a small onion and a small head of garlic. I used water to sauté the meat. When it was cooked thoroughly, I mixed the meat with the mongo beans. Slowcooker was turned on low heat for around 30mins before serving.


There should be malunggay leaves there because we have a-plenty in the tree at the back of the house but no one wanted to go out to get some because the ground was wet. Sigh.

Anyway, we have leftover that’s good for another meal so maybe, just maybe we can get some leaves to put in 😁

Serve warm with rice. The salty taste was not too prominent when this was eaten with the rice or bread.

Photo with ciabatta bread because this can also be served with warm bread.