Tuna Fillet Steak

June 1st, 2012

We love tuna. We love steak. So a Tuna Fillet Steak is the perfect answer to these two favorites.

Tuna Fillet Steak

Tuna was marinated with oyster sauce, herbs and spices and light soy sauce.

This is a great breakfast meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner ;)


Baked Chicken with Olives and Potato Marbles

April 10th, 2012

  ShareEveryone is complaining about the heat. I admit, summers may be fun but not when one is cooking. It gets doubly hot in our little kitchen. Good thing I cook using electricity so I can have a fan with me when I’m there. Below is baked chicken with olives and potato marbles: Ingredients: Ch [ ... ]

Enoki Beef Rolls

October 27th, 2011

  Shareor Beef Enoki Rolls. My after mopping-the-house lunch treat to myself. Whichever way this is called, the two main ingredients would be enoki or golden mushrooms and breakfast beef (or sukiyaki thinly sliced beef used in shabu-shabu) I got a pack of Enoki (around PhP47.50 or so) from the superma [ ... ]

Pancit 1913

August 13th, 2011

  ShareThis is Pancit 1913 from Adarna Food Culture. The youngest daughter ordered this ONE when we had lunch at the Adarna Food Culture last Sunday. It was also one of the choices of a restaurant/food review, Good Pinoy Eats in a recent issue of the Philippine Airlines Mabuhay magazine.The number 1 r [ ... ]