TatyStar Toasted Siopao

October 16th, 2013

I first tasted this toasted siopao a few weeks ago when I attended a parents’ board meeting in the children’s school.

Tatystar Toasted Siopao

When I learned that there is a store located near the pancit malabon place we go to for lunches, we did not hesitate to go. The store’s name is TatyStar Bakery (and I’ve heard that the owner went to the same school that my children go to).

There was a line when we came there one early Sunday evening.

I ordered a box of 30 pieces, Php175.00/box. That box of toasted siopao would serve as our dinner because I was a bit lazy tired to cook when we get home. I waited for around 20 minutes before I got my box. While waiting, they had to tell customers that the last batch of the toasted siopao is only good for a particular person in the line. Begrudgingly, the customers left.

The smell was heavenly when I brought the box of toasted siopao in the car. The children were antsy and wanted to see what smells good inside.

When we arrived home, we had the toasted siopao for dinner. I had three pieces. The son had five, yes 5 pieces! I saved some for their packed food the next day. Three pieces is good enough and one can feel satiated already.

Curious? The dough is not the usual soft dough we are used to. The dough is like the bread called “putok”: sweet, packed and delicious.

A few days after, I bought another box. The hubby observed though that the bread seems different from the first box we had. He observed that the bread was not as “toasted” as the ones we got before and the tops not so brown. The kids didn’t mind and ate the toasted siopao with gusto.

I hope the bakery won’t suffer quality control because they had to rush baking because of the influx of customers.

The Tatystar Bakery where we buy the toasted siopao is located along Visayas Avenue, near a convenience store,  a pancit malabon branch, a bank and a music bar venue.

NOTE: the children asked me if they could bring a box to school for the Christmas party, I didn’t promise anything because even if there are no special occasions, there are a lot of customers in the bakery buying these toasted siopao.

 TatyStar Bakery FB page.



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