Banana Ice Cream

November 4th, 2014

  Banana ice Cream is an absolute favorite dessert at home. This is perfect for when the craving for something sweet comes up. Ingredients: 2-3 sliced bananas, frozen (my preference is saba variety) 1T peanut butter 3 dried figs Procedure: Just blitz away in a food processor. You can freeze again or j [ ... ]

DIY : Raw Banana Chocolate Bar

October 5th, 2014

  Magnum Ice Cream Bar is good and if only we can have this cool treat as often as we want would be awesome, right? Yeah, right. What about having a healthier Magnum Bar, one that you can do at home? One that doesn’t taste as nearly as good as the real Magnum Ice Cream Bar […] [ ... ]

Make Ahead: Oatmeal Cookies

October 3rd, 2014

  This post has taken a long time before posting and so I have forgotten the recipe I used for the Make Ahead Oatmeal Cookies. Anyway, when the ingredients have been mixed, I cut the mixture in half and put it in the freezer. The left-over mixture did not harden and was used two days after […] [ ... ]

Avocado Leche Flan

October 1st, 2014

  Avocado Leche Flan. Looks ewww because it has green bits, but the children “inhaled” these and so I know they love it. I have almost forgotten that I have a big avocado in the fridge so when I finally got to do the Avocado Leche Flan, avocado was a bit soft already. It didn’t stop  [ ... ]

Squash Leche Flan

September 28th, 2014

  Looking at Squash Leche Flan photos in Google makes me do a “facepalm” because my photos are not as “perfect” and “smooth” looking as theirs. On the other hand, everyone loved what I did and that is just the affirmation I need 😀 Ingredients: 1 cup steamed and mash [ ... ]