Tortilla Wraps

September 12th, 2014

Yesterday was such a tiring day I decided to take it slow and have an easy but nutritious dinner for the family. I prepared Tortilla Wraps or Soft Tacos.

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There are really no set ingredients in making soft tacos and as usual, I used what we have in the fridge:

* cabbage sliced thinly
* green bell pepper sliced thinly
* tomatoes sliced thinly
* carrots sliced thinly (ok, julienned then though my slices are anything but julienne 😉 )
* grated cheese (not in the photo)
* boiled chicken breast sliced sliced thinly
* store bought whole wheat tortilla wraps

You can add or change other vegetables, it’s all up to you. You can also opt to use leftover meats like adobo, lechon!!, beef steak or even bacon. Just remember that if you want to have healthier food, this should mostly comprise raw food so you probably need to think twice about what you put in it.

For the chicken: just boil the chicken in water with garlic, salt and pepper, a dash or two of paprika and Italian seasoning. If you have other spices that will make the chicken taste even better then use it. Do NOT throw the water used to boil the chicken because that will be a useful base for soups and ramen. Just put the stock in the freezer until needed.

After the boiled chicken has been cooled just slice in small pieces.

Assemble the ingredients in individual containers so that you can choose what you want to put in your Tortilla Wraps. Refrigerate the rest that were not used.

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