Make Ahead Freezer Meal : Ground Beef

March 12th, 2014

I do make ahead cooked food and freeze for “future’ use.

One of the freezer meals I love to make ahead is ground beef. I usually buy a kilo or more and cook this with salt and pepper and just add other seasoning depending on what this will be made into.

Some make ahead freezer meal recipes are:

Pasta with Ground Beef and mushroom, IG photo (post time stamped for March 24, 2014)

Mung Beans with ground beef (post to be linked)

Nachos with Ground Beef

Rice Cooker Pasta ala Cubana

The kids also love a simple ground beef with mushroom or potatoes dish that they bring as packed lunch. No, there is not much “sebo” because I remove the oil from the beef itself after the first few minutes of cooking.

Procedure to cook ground round or ground beef:

  • Put the ground beef in a deep pan and add water.  Water will depend on how much ground beef you have.
  • Turn on your stove to cook the meat. When the meat has turned brown, turn off the stove.
  • Strain the cooked ground beef using a strainer. You can also use a cup or more of hot water to “rinse” the ground beef.

DO NOT THROW the beef broth. Put the  beef broth in a container and refrigerate. When the top part has hardened, remove that and use the remaining beef broth for a more flavorful dish. I don’t usually do this though because of the “sebo”.

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