Healthy Liquid Lunch

December 12th, 2013

I have been doing this juicing thing way before this diet fad made a few people richer, LOL.

Anyway, sharing some of the photos of my juices which I have as “healthy liquid lunch”. I Googled “liquid lunch” and read that this means alcoholic drinks so I had to revise my title and add HEALTHY.

Read more about Healthy Liquid Lunch here.

Liquid lunch. There's leftover for dinner too.

Photo also posted here. Romaine lettuce leaves, pechay leaves, pear slices, apple slices (I included the pulp), carrot slices (I included the pulp), orange slices, beet slices.

Liquid Lunch

Photo also posted here. 1 big pear, 1 small apple, 2 small carrots and 1 medium navel orange.

Ponkan/Mandarin oranges are a-plenty these days and cheaper too, you can also use these for fresh juices. I am not a real fan of Mandarin oranges though, I prefer Valencia and navel oranges.

Two more healthy liquid lunch ideas:

Beets, apples, carrots and cucumber juice. 

Watermelon juice.


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