Banana Bread and Butter Cake

September 14th, 2012

Last night, while waiting for the man of the house to arrive, I baked Butter cake and Banana Bread. Nothing complicated, I used Maya Oven Toaster Butter Cake and Banana Bread mixes.

Truth was I was too lazy to bake from scratch because I have not been feeling well since Wednesday night. I used the procedure for oven baking because I don’t have an oven toaster.

The Butter Cake which I baked in a small round baking pan:

Butter cake

That is what I want in basic cakes, the brown part! I could have trimmed the sides and eat all the brown, crunchy part but I told myself “No!” lol.

Anyway, to add a bit of twist to the banana bread, I added left over Trail Mix choco chips, nuts, raisins and candy-coated chocolates to give it more texture.

Banana bread and Butter cake slices

The goodies were just cooling when the hubby arrived and I have yet to slice these when he declared he wants to have a slice or two. He ate three slices. Still warm from the oven is just right.

Photos were taken with a mobile cam and posted in Instagram.

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  1. maiylah Says:

    looks delicious!
    same here, lately my food shots (blog) are from the phone…too tired and lazy to take out the “real” camera to take pics. lol.

    thanks much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, T. Julie
    hope you’re feeling much better!

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