Pizza with Hot Sauce

March 24th, 2012

I love eating pizza. Who doesn’t?

pizza and root beer

One thing that makes me different from the rest of the family would be that I am the only one who puts hot sauce or dry pepper flakes on my pizza.

Pair it with ice cold Coca Cola or A&W root beer and I’m a happy camper.

I miss having this because as of this moment, I still have bitter taste in my mouth because I’m having allergy attacks. Argh.

8 Responses to “Pizza with Hot Sauce”

  1. u8mypinkcookies Says:

    pizza ain’t complete w/o hot sauce and chili flakes!!

  2. Mar Says:

    I am the only one in the family who doesn’t add spicy oils to a pizza! Feel better soon, happy weekend.


  3. Sue St Clair Says:

    I love a good spicy pizza :) Great take on the theme :)

  4. sandi @the whistlestop cafe Says:

    Thanks for Spicing up The Saturday PhotoHunt.

  5. eastcoastlife Says:

    I like chilli flakes on my pizza. Many Singaporeans love their food spicy. :)

    Hope your allergy attack is over soon and you can enjoy your spicy pizza.

  6. Luna Miranda Says:

    i love hot sauce on my pizza, too. i also add black pepper or chili flakes. anything seems to taste better with a bit of spice.:p

  7. maiylah Says:

    oh yes, we all love pizza! …and we love ’em HOT! 😛
    so sorry to hear about your allergy family and i have the cough right now too and no idea why it doesn’t seem to go away! ugh.

    on a happy note: CONGRATULATIONS on being this week’s Food Friday Featured Player, T. Julie! 😀

  8. Iska Says:

    I’m all with you there… hot sauce and freshly ground pepper please! :-)

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